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We Would Like To Hear Your Views On Our Plans For The Eco Park

We’re really sorry that due to the current Covid restrictions and lockdowns that we were unable to welcome visitors to the site to discuss our plans for the Eco Park and proposals to build an Energy Recovery Facility, which will help to solve the local waste challenge. 

What we have done instead is to make a video talking through the information boards that were installed in readiness for visits, as part of our stakeholder consultation before we submit a planning application for the ERF and other improvements to the Eco Park.

You can find out more information about our proposals including the ERF plans by reading our Eco Park FAQ Autumn Newsletter.

More background on what is proposed, why it’s important and how you can help to reduce waste, recycle more and tackle the climate emergency can be found in our recent blogs:

Responding To The Climate Emergency

Going Into Battle Against Wate The Waste Challenge In The Eco Way

Thinking Ahead During National Recycle Week

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary and note both the composting of our one-millionth tonne of green garden waste and the milestone of preventing 1.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, we very much welcome your views on our proposals for the future.

You can give us your views by completing the consultation questionnaire, and you can request a meeting via Zoom or Teams by contacting us here .

The pre-application consultation will close at the end of November, and we expect to submit our planning application in December.

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