Street Sweeping Recycling

200,000 tonnes

of processed material

Every year, approximately one million tonnes of road sweepings and gully waste ends up in the landfill across the UK.

Here at Eco, we have invested in the future and developed an alternative way to treat this waste. Our dedicated Road Sweeping Recycling Facility recycles the material to produce a range of quality products.

The Recycling Facility comprises of several pioneering phases to reach the maximum output of the process. Disposed material is fed directly into a washer which extracts the organic and plastic material. What remains is then passed through a screening and sand plant. We are then left with a sludge like material that is centrifuged in order to recycle the water. Nothing goes to waste.

All of the organic material extracted from our street sweeping process is composted in line with the PAS:100 approach to produce a consistent Compost like output (CLO) which is used for vital land restoration projects throughout the UK, converting brownfield sites into usable ecology rich environments.

Process steps:

  1. Street Sweepings Acceptance: Eco accepts deliveries, directly from Sweepers, or bulked via HGV’s either ad-hoc or under contract with Local Authorities and Highway Agencies.

  2. Separation and Washing: The material is fed from the reception bay through one of two dedicated Street Sweeping Washing facility, where it is washed and sorted into constituent parts, including Sand, Aggregate and Organics. The Organic fraction is then composted using the same PAS:100 methodology which is applied to our Green Waste processes to create Compost Like Output (CLO).

  3. Stockpiling & Distribution: The recycled aggregates and sand is stockpiled, sampled and independently analysed before being supplied to customers to mix to form concrete or to use as drainage. The CLO is supplied to large land restoration projects turning brown-field sites into environmental habitats.

image shows an illustration of the street sweeping recycling process

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