Environment Policy

With the ongoing climate emergency, looking after our environment is paramount here at Eco, please see below for our Environment Policy.

Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd (Eco) is a leading supplier of recycled organic products and is also a producer of renewable energy for the local community. Eco treat and recycle a number of organic waste streams which includes green, wood, food, street sweeping/gully waste and excavated earth. The waste streams are generated from households (via long term local authority contracts) and from commercial businesses. These waste streams are recycled into horticulture products such as soils, mulches, bark, woodchip and quality assured compost and digestate. Products are produced and retailed to the agriculture industry, horticultural businesses, construction industry, commercial retail and the general public.

As a company that produces sustainable products from waste materials and also the generation of renewable energy, Eco are fully aware of its operational impacts and the scope of these impacts on the local community and the wider environment. This has helped develop Eco environmental commitments which are:

  • Evaluate what the impacts are from climate change on Eco site operations, and how Eco effects climate change through its site activities. Improvement objectives will be implemented so Eco can adapt and/or minimise these impacts;
  • Mitigate or minimise identified environmental impacts through the prevention of pollution;
  • Protect the local environment where Eco operates by adhering to all compliance obligations set by interested parties;
  • Measure, record and monitor the environmental performance of Eco key significant environmental aspects in order to continually improve the Environmental Management System;
  • The protection of the environment will be conducted through the efficient management of resource use throughout the organisation;
  • Report to interested parties on Eco environmental performance;
  • The introduction of new recycling and renewable energy technologies will be effectively planned and managed to ensure adverse environmental impacts are designed out and the maximum environmental opportunities are obtained.


The above commitments will provide the framework for setting Eco environmental objectives.

Eco will review this Policy Statement once every 12 months or when there is a significant change to Eco Integrated Management System.

This Policy Statement will be made available to all staff, contractors, visitors and all interested parties.

Approved by:

Justin Dampney
Managing Director