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Food Waste Recycling

AD treatment, food waste solution

Efficient food waste recycling can deliver huge benefits for businesses, the local environment, and long-term sustainability. Eco provides solutions for commercial, industrial, and household food waste using Anaerobic Digestion Treatment Facilities.

Each year, we take in around 40,000 tonnes of food waste from the very bins that sit in the majority of Dorset household kitchens. The collection by our local councils deliver this material to either the Eco Parley or Eco Dorchester sites.

Eco has an ongong partnership with BCP and Dorset Councils to take and treat the local communities food waste and it into green, renewable energy at our AD plant in Dorchester. We also accept material from other local businesses or events, like the prestigious Extreme E Jurassic X Prix.

Please get in touch to discuss how Eco can help process your food waste to produce green and renewable energy.

Eco's Solution for this waste


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