Wood Waste Recycling

900,000 tonnes

Wood Waste Recycled

700,000 tonnes

CO2 Prevented

24,000 MWhs

of Green Electricity Produced

Wood waste is a precious resource that is abundantly available and can be used either for material recycling or energy production.

Our innovative process management accepts, recycles, and recovers a range of wood waste material. Every year, Eco receives in excess of 60,000 tonnes of waste wood from all aspects of commercial, industrial and household sources.

The wood accepted is carefully treated through an innovative processing line before being converted into Eco BioFuel. This carbon neutral and tightly specified fuel is then supplied to power stations, either owned and operated by Eco, or third parties, where it is converted to heat and power.

Please get in touch to discuss how Eco can help process your wood waste to produce green and renewable energy.

image shows an illustration of the wood waste recycling process

Process steps:

  1. Wood Waste Disposal: Waste wood is accepted either from Local Authorities who transport it directly from Local Household Recycling Centres, or Waste Management and Construction Companies at one of our sites across the South Coast.
  2. Processing: The Waste Wood is then sorted and stockpiled before being processed using multiple shredders, magnets and sorting Screens, before being stockpiled ready for dispatch as Bio-Fuel.
  3. Energy Recovery: Once stockpiled, each batch of Bio-Fuel is allocated a unique reference code, before being sampled and analysed to ensure it meets specification. If we are happy with the quality the Bio-Fuel is supplied to Eco’s or third a party. Biomass Power facilities, where it is converted to green heat and power.

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