Soil & Aggregate Recycling

1,200,000 tonnes

of Soil Recycled

Equivalent of 21,000 tonnes

of CO2 Prevented

Soil Manufacturing

Eco Manufactures up to 100,000 tonnes of High Quality Topsoil every year. Supplying a variety of grades to customers and projects across the South of England and beyond.

Since 1997, Eco has supplied over 1million tonnes of Topsoil to thousands of construction, landscaping and horticultural projects across the UK.

Using stringent quality control processes, from reception, through blending and processing to stockpiling, sampling and testing, Eco ensures the highest standards are met to produce a range of quality, consistent topsoil’s to a British Standard.

image shows an illustration of the soil recycling process


Process steps:

  1. Soil Excavation: Local construction and landscaping businesses often have excess soil from projects, which needs to be re-homed. This material is delivered to our Eco Park at Parley, where it is inspected for quality control and categorised.
  2. Blending and Screening: Soils are blended with our signature compost product, Eco Mix, to create a homogeneous blend, before being processed through dedicated screening equipment which size grades the material and removes and separates the Soil from the Aggregate material.
  3. Stockpiling & Distribution: The finished Topsoil is then categorised and stockpiled. Stockpiles are then sampled and analysed frequently to ensure that they meet the required size distribution as well as meeting the BS:3882 classification standard for Topsoil. Our Commercial and Logistic Teams then organise delivery to customers in loads between 29 tonnes right through to bulk and even retail bags, for our customers.
  4. Aggregate Washing: The aggregate material is then batched before being fed into a dedicated wash plant. This £2m facility washes and size grades the material from sand to 40mm using fully close-looped system, which constantly cleans and reuses the water.


Aggregate Processing

With 30% of the soil deposited at Eco being aggregate material, we have invested in a state-of-the art washing facility to process this fraction as well.

Our facility, which can process over 75,000 tons a year of recycled aggregate, produces a range of high quality, washed sand and aggregate. With various grades sampled and tested we supply local construction sites across the south, either through our partners, or collected from our Eco Park by trade customers.

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