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About Us

Eco Sustainable Solutions is a family run, pioneering organics recycling company based in Dorset

Since our founder, Trelawney Dampney, had the idea in 1992, we’ve recycled over 4 million tonnes of organic material, preventing almost 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 from being emitted to the atmosphere – the equivalent of over half a million return flights to Australia!

We have been instrumental in developing and promoting organic recycling on a local and national level, to benefit on a global scale. Eco currently recycles over 250,000 tonnes of organic material each year, converting it into renewable energy or high-quality landscaping products, like certified composts, mulch, and nutrient rich topsoil.

From sustainably leading the way in the development and implementation of renewable energy solutions to our passionate team constantly challenging themselves to make processes more carbon efficient, we will continue to fight climate change by constantly striving to be Always More Sustainable.

Where others see waste, we see a resource.

That’s how, from soil to solar, we’ve built a business on finding evermore sustainable solutions… before others even knew they’re problems.


That’s Eco Logic.
To not only recycle. But to reimagine.


That’s why, as the world declares climate emergency, every single one of us is ready to lead the recovery.


One eye on doing the right thing, in the here and now. One eye on the horizon, looking for the next opportunity to redefine the status quo. Powering ourselves with energy, ideas and heart,to maximise the potential in everything and everyone…

…to 2025 and beyond.

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