Biomass CHP

Located in the heart of our Renewable Energy Park next to Bournemouth Airport, this £7m investment in Renewable Energy allows Eco to power their various processing lines as well as harnessing excess heat to process other green wastes on site.

Using local uncontaminated waste wood as a fuel, which is processed onsite, the heat from the combustion gases is captured using a thermal oil heat exchanger system, then transferred through an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbine which generates electricity to power the site.

The excess heat is recovered as hot water and used in the processing of other green wastes on site.
Flue gases from the combustion process are then filtered before being emitted to the atmosphere through a filtration system with reagents to remove particulates and neutralise toxins, this is controlled to permitted emissions levels with a continuous emission monitoring system (CEMs).

Key Facts

Size: 4.5MW

Value: £7m

Constructed: 2017