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4 Tips for Protecting Your Flower Beds from Frost

Ice, snow, frost and general cold weather can create a multitude of issues within your garden. In many cases, the plants and flowers that you worked so hard to upkeep in the summer will die during the winter.

Here are 4 easy tips on how you can try and prevent frost damage to your flower beds:

1.Take Them In. Bring potted plants and hanging baskets inside. Plants that live in containers such as pots suffer a larger drop in temperature than plants in flower beds. This is why potted plants are more susceptible to root damage. The roots that sit towards the edge of the pot turn black and spongey.

If you decide to cover your hanging baskets instead of taking them inside, ensure that you place them on the ground first. The reason for this is because the ground will be relatively warmer than the air during those cold winter months.

2.Avoid frost pockets. Frost pockets are dips and holes in the ground. These dips and holes allow cold air and water to settle. This creates a much higher risk of frost damage for the plants.

3.Watering is Key! Watering plants before a frost can actually prevent the plants from freezing. The soil in your flower beds will release moisture into the air during the night. This will raise the temperature surrounding the plants.

Another effective way to use water is to lay water jugs adjacent to the flower beds. You will need to fill plastic milk jugs with water and allow them to warm up. Before the sun sets, place the jugs around the plants and throw a cover over them. The moisture in the surrounding air will create warmth.

4.Tuck Them in at Night. If you are planning to cover your plants in preparation of the cold, frosty or snowy weather, make sure you do so before the sun sets. If you wait until it’s dark outside, most of the stored heat in your garden will have disappeared.

When laying a cover down, ensure that it extends from one side of the soil to the other. Only remove the cover once the frost has thawed.

Eco Sustainable Solutions offer a range of soils to use in your flower beds. Click here to find out more.

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