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Tips for Gardening this August

August tends to be the hottest time of the year for us in the Northern Hemisphere, so it’s vitally important that you pay attention to your garden and keep on-top of the day to day tasks that keep your garden looking beautiful.


First and foremost, remember to water your garden, especially those plants that aren’t rooted into the earth, pots, planters and baskets. The heat will cause these plants to dry out quicker than you’re used to so be prepared to stay on top of the watering this month.

August is also, generally, the time that we seek a relaxing holiday away. If you’re planning yourself a short break, don’t forget to plan for your garden. You may need to rope in friends or family to water your garden or invest in an automatic watering system that will keep your garden quenched where ever you are.

Even if we do see precipitation, check your planters, hangers and pots regularly, their foliage may prevent the water from soaking into the soil. Check your potted plants regularly to ensure they don’t dry out.

If you’re finding that your beds are drying out faster than you can top them up, you may want to look into mulch. Our PH Neutral mulch is easy to install, gives gardens that finishing touch and allows them to hold more moisture for longer.


With the increased heat this month, try not to cut your lawn too short. The shorter your lawn is the less moisture it can retain and this can lead to dry patches and a dying lawn. Keep your lawn topped up with water regularly and allow it to grow to 6-10cm and only taking off 1.5cm at a time.

If you’ve recently turfed your lawn, we’re in the critical stages of its cultivation. Ensure that the turf is well watered and lightly mown to encourage fresh, healthy growth. Read more in our lawn laying guide here.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit is particularly susceptible to dry spells and heat, so ensure that your fruit is well watered and the surrounding area is free from weeds that will steal moisture.
Now is the time to support strawberry runners in pots of compost to allow them to root.
Also be aware of insects that will make a meal out of your ripening fruit. Hanging wasp traps and quickly harvesting your fruit before they are found will help you make the most of your crop.


As long as your roses are flowering, you should be removing the dying heads to prolong that beautiful colour in your garden.
August is the perfect time, whilst your plants are in full swing, to begin taking cuttings that will route very quickly such as pelargonium.

Enjoy the last of the summer sun and relax.

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