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The 5 best creatures to encourage in your garden

There’s nothing that can be done about wildlife in your garden. The great outdoors is nature’s domain and that’s where it lives. So what do you do about the pests in your garden that want to damage your plants, dig-up your soil and nibble on your fruit?

In this article, we’re going to show you the 5 best animals to encourage into your garden to discourage any unwanted pests.


There are 18 bats species in the UK and all of them are protected species that need as much conservation as possible.  Whilst it may not seem as though bats have much to offer your garden, they can actually eat up to 3000 insects per night! They’re a fantastic asset in keeping down local pest insect numbers, as well as a beautiful sight to see each evening.

Bat boxes can be purchased from the majority of garden centers or you can make your own! Place them high up, away from artificial light or potential feline predators.


Birds will do exactly what the bats do during the night! Birds are a fantastic resource for keeping down the insect population around your garden and make a beautiful sight to be seen. Attract different bird types using peanuts, fat balls and seeds and place bird boxes to encourage them to nest. During spring, your new aviary residents will get to work harvesting insects for their young.


Bees are, unfortunately, on a steady decline due to pesticide use. With a third of our food plants receiving their pollination from Bees, we suggest encouraging the bee population by planting nectar rich plants such as Primrose, Pansies and Dahlias.

If you find that your garden is home to a bee hive, don’t call an exterminator. Call your local bee-keeper or bee-keeping club, they will happily re-home your bees much cheaper (or even for free) than an exterminator and without damaging the bee population.


Hedgehogs are another endangered species that do wonders for your garden. They feed almost solely on slugs, snails, beetles and other insects that will do harm to your harden. Encourage these elusive creatures into your garden by providing a sheltered log pile for them to sleep in and ensure that you always check your bonfire for life before lighting.

Hedgehogs will happily eat dog or cat food that you leave out and is a great way to encourage them into your garden to eat those slugs that are munching on your plants.

Don’t feed them milk and bread as this can make them ill.

Frogs and Toads

Frogs and Toads are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their sheer ability to consume insects. They’ll eat up roughly 10,000 insects over the summer and require little more than a nice moist pond to enjoy. Encourage Frogs and Toads into your garden with a nice water feature, ensuring that the edges have easy, sloping banks to prevent them from getting stuck inside.

You should never be afraid to encourage wildlife into your garden; your plants, trees and crops rely on them to grow and flourish.

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