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South Korean delegation visit Dorset renewable energy site

A DELEGATION from South Korea saw how food waste from Dorset households is turned into energy at one of the UK’s most advanced anaerobic digester (AD) plants.

The seven-strong party was invited to view Eco Sustainable Solutions’ multi-million pound facility at Piddlehinton as part of a fact-finding mission to the UK.

The 2.5 acre site handles food waste from approximately 60,000 Dorset households as well as liquid waste from milk and cheese production.

The methane gas from keeping the waste in two 2,500 cubic metre digesters at a temperature of 41 degrees Celcius generates up to 1.6MW of electricity.

Nearly two thirds of the electricity – 60 per cent – is used to power Mole Valley Farmers’ neighbouring Dorchester Feed Mill, the first feed mill in the UK to be powered completely by renewable energy.

The remaining 40 per cent generated is sold on to the National Grid. The end products of the process are used as agricultural fertiliser on two local farms.

The South Korean delegation included representatives from the Korea Environment Corporation, the country’s Ministry of Environment, two engineering companies and a livestock cooperative association.

They were shown around by Steve Harman, Eco’s Operations Manager, and Paul Davies, Landia UK’s Key Account Manager. Landia supplied four GasMix systems to the Piddlehinton site.

Mr Harman said: “We’re very proud of our highly efficient AD plant which won the AD Output category at the 2013 Organics Recycling Awards.

“The South Korean delegation were very interested in every aspect of the plant’s operation. It’s a real compliment that they chose to look in depth at our site and how it successfully converts food waste into green energy.”

Mr Davies added: “The successful process at Piddlehinton is helped by Landia’s innovative, externally mounted GasMix system. This provides optimum mixing and can be easily accessed for servicing because all of the moving parts are outside the tank/digester.

“We’re very grateful to Eco Sustainable Solutions for hosting the visit by the South Korean delegation which allowed them to see our equipment in action at a busy and award-winning site.”

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