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Soil From Toil – Eco’s Efforts Helping The Military

A Dorset recycling and renewable energy company has delivered its 50,000th tonne of topsoil for use on military camps.

Eco Sustainable Solutions based in Parley has been providing the soil to various bases for a decade.

Recently, Shaun Owen from the firm visited Larkhill near Salisbury where the latest load was deposited for use with landscaping around a sports pitch.

The soil is manufactured at Eco’s own site from material deposited by councils and businesses.

It goes through various processes and is blended with compost to produce the finished product that meets strict British standards.

Shaun said: “We have been supplying military bases through various contractors for a decade now. But Aspire has been our biggest partner in the process.

“We have delivered 50,000 tonnes and it is an ongoing project – it has also become our longest ever contract to provide topsoil.

“The military have been upgrading various camps and our soil has been used for the landscaping within them.

“It is important to use soil that meets British standard and our rigorous processes guarantee this.”

Founded in 1994, Eco employs 41 people and has an annual turnover of £12 million.

The company annually processes 250,000 tonnes of material at Parley. End products include enriched topsoil, compost and woodchip.

The business currently handles 340,000 tonnes of organic material each year across four facilities, including its anaerobic digestion (AD) plant at Piddlehinton near Dorchester.

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