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Slade Goes Mad Composting Thanks To Eco Mix Compost Donation

We have recently offered additional support to another Green Goals project in the form of a compost donation for The Slades Farm Community Garden! Three cubic meters of Eco Mix compost was donated to the community led project in Slades Farm, Bournemouth.

The garden is being run as part of Transition Bournemouth, a project which was started in March 2012 with the vision to create an organic and sustainable garden, to support both wildlife and people.

Encouraging a back-yard food grower’s community, the Slades Project has helped develop the local community with support from Bournemouth Council, Local Councillors and forums.

Slades representative; Theresa McManus said:

Thank you so much to Eco for the generous donation! The compost will be used for a ‘Slade Goes Mad Composting Day’ on the Vegetable patches and we are so thankful for the contribution of material and ongoing support from Eco!

Eco Sustainable Solutions representative; Charlotte Haswell added:

We were more than happy to continue supporting this Green Goals cause. It’s great to encourage all the fantastic work that is being done here – a little compost goes a long way!

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