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International Compost Awareness Week 2019

International Compost Awareness Week is nearly upon us. Although usually celebrated in the first week of May, this year ICAW week runs from Sunday 5th May to Saturday 11th May 2019.

What is International Compost Awareness Week About?

The aim of International Compost Awareness Week is to promote the benefits of composting at home and in the local community, highlighting both the importance of composting food waste and garden waste and compost use. Education is aimed at everyone from school children to private residents, local communities and even businesses.

All types of composting will be promoted. From small scale efforts for those with no gardens to large scale community initiatives run by councils.

What Happens During International Compost Awareness Week?

Events will be held in the UK and across the rest of the world, including the USA and Australia.

Councils across the UK will hold events, talks and demonstrations to raise awareness about composting and to encourage people to compost their food and garden waste.

Australia’s theme for 2019 is Better Soil, Better Life, Better Future. It will consist of a week of activities and events around composting for a better future.

The USA will highlight how adding compost to soil can help to reduce their carbon footprint and climate change. Their theme for 2019 is Cool the Climate – Compost.

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Why Is Composting So Important?

This is a great question!

The obvious answer is that composting our food and garden waste is akin to recycling. It’s better to recycle our food and garden waste than send it to landfill.

But that’s not all.

Studies show that by increasing the organic carbon in the soil, it may help to reduce the atmospheric carbon dioxide. In simple terms, this means that by making and using compost we can help the planet (and future generations).

In Bournemouth…

As part of International Compost Awareness Week, Bournemouth Council is holding a compost giveaway on Sunday 5th May at the Holdenhurst Road entrance to Kings Park, from 9am-12pm, or until it’s gone. For more details about Bournemouth Council’s Compost Giveaway, click here.

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