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How to Choose Between 10mm and 20mm Shingle

How to choose between 10mm and 20mm shingle

At Eco Sustainable Solutions, we supply two kinds of shingle, 10mm and 20mm variants. When do you use each one? Which one should you choose?

We’re here to help you decipher the lingo and help you make the most informed decision that you can.

10mm Shingle

10mm Shingle or ‘Pea Shingle’ is primarily used for decorative purposes and drainage, but is a versatile product in a number of ways.

  • Mixing

As a small aggregate with a large surface area, our 10mm shingle is an ideal aggregate for use in/with other materials such as fine concrete.

  • Drainage, soakaways and pipe laying

The small form factor of the 10mm shingle is ideal for drainage, as it fills small gaps and makes the most of the area.

  • Decorative

Our 10mm shingle has a pleasing aesthetic that will brighten up any garden border, help suppress weeds, retain moisture and protect against frost.

20mm Shingle

We suggest 20mm for driveways, but it’s also great for a number of other uses:

  • Driveways

The larger particle size of the 20mm shingle means that it’s much less likely to get stuck in tyres or shoes. This means that it doesn’t get transferred to unwanted areas and stays where it should for much longer. It’s also much kinder on your pet’s paws.

  • Easier to spread

20mm shingle is much easier to spread across a large area and hide mounds and valleys well.

  • Drainage, soakaways and pipe laying

Our 20mm shingle is great for large drainage applications where you need to support a heavy pipe or fill a soakaway. The larger particle size creates an aerated layer, which allows a large volume of water to fill these voids before saturation.

If you’re unsure as to which shingle to use in which application, please contact us.

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