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Dorset Firm’s £2m Investment

A Dorset recycling and renewable energy company has signalled its intent to grow after investing £1.3m on new equipment in the last year – with another £1m of spending due.

Eco Sustainable Solutions based in Parley has maintained its position as a pioneer in the industry by continued investment.

Its new equipment includes a £600,000 Untha Wood Shredder, two soil screen machines costing £500,000, a £160,000 loading shovel and an Agri forklift at £70,000.

The business processes more than 300,000 tonnes of material each year across its four facilities in Dorset.

Its activities are varied; from generating heat and electricity to producing landscaping products such as topsoilcompost and woodchips.

Eco’s 32 acre site in Parley has grown substantially since the firm was launched in 1994 and the business employs more than 40 people.

By the end of the year it will have spent another million pounds on expanding and improving its wood recycling operation.

Peter Hardy, Eco’s commercial director, said: “Our business has grown rapidly because we identify trends and invest in order to take advantage.

“Our model is simple and involves taking waste then recycling and re-using it. Just 0.5 per cent of everything we take in goes to landfill – we find a use for everything else.

“This commitment necessarily involves acquiring the latest technology and machinery and also enough of it to cope with the ever-growing workload.

“Through this latest investment we can offer a better and quicker service, process more materials and continue to grow.

“We have a busy site next to the airport and with the increasing adoption of recycling and green policies by government and business we expect to get busier.”

Last year, Eco’s business operations actively prevented an astounding 74,780 tonnes of CO2e from being emitted into the atmosphere.

This was as a direct result of the recycling and recovery of over 250,000 tonnes of organic waste, and the generation of electricity from our renewable energy sources.

Across all our recycling and energy operations, Eco only produced 3,200 tonnes of of CO2e.

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