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Butterfly and bee friendly garden is childs play thanks to Eco

Butterfly and bee friendly garden is childs play thanks to Eco


CREATING a butterfly and bee friendly garden at a Highcliffe playgroup is proving to be childs play thanks to the generosity of an organic recycling firm.

Parley-based Eco Sustainable Solutions has donated two tonnes of its 10mm Super Soil, a 70/30 mix of soil and compost, to the Chewton Common Playgroup.

It will be used by the group and its 90 children, aged three and four, to create pollination friendly tubs and planters.

Helen Dow, Owner and Manager of Chewton Common Playgroup, said: “This is an incredibly generous donation by Eco and we’re very grateful.

“The playgroup is taking part in a UK-wide initiative called Polli-Nation together with Bransgore Church of England School, Highcliffe St Mark Primary School and Highcliffe School.

“Apart from creating tubs and planters using the Eco soil and donated old tyres, we are encouraging parents to take home a planter and act as a guardian for pollinators.

“It’s a great initiative and the children will have a lot of fun planting out a range of flowers from primroses and buddleias to even fruit trees.”

Alison Brencher, Eco’s Office Manager, said: “We receive a lot of requests to donate soil and compost and always try to assist, wherever possible.

“The Polli-nation project struck us a particularly good cause and we were only too happy to help out.”

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