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November Gardening Tips

November is the month that the cold really starts to creep in as autumn draws to a close and winter begins to set about its business.

Here are a few handy tips to help you out in the garden this month.

Check Bonfires

If you’ve had your bonfire set up for any amount of time before it’s lit, we recommend that you double check for any creatures that may have sought shelter within. Hedgehogs, mice and other small creatures will often hide inside the stack to escape the winter elements, but other animals such as dogs, cats, foxes and even young dear may seek refuge inside especially during loud firework displays.

Check Water Butts

Winter means rain and whilst we’re often lucky enough to have plenty of water when we need it. You never quite know what’s around the corner. Collecting this winter’s rain in a water butt is a fantastic way to help yourself (and the environment) out later on in summer.

Check that your water butts are relatively clean to ensure that they water stays useable and double check that any gutter downpipes aren’t blocked.

Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs

There’s still time to plant spring flowering plants that will make your garden come alive this coming spring. Bulbs like daffodil, tulip and hyacinth can all be set this month for a beautiful display in spring.

If you’re planting (or already have) bulbs or plants in outside containers, ensure that they are adequately protected from frost by wrapping their pots in insulated material such as bubblewrap.

Aerate The Lawn

If you’ve not already done so, this is your last chance to aerate your lawn before the winter makes the ground far too hard. You can aerate your lawn using an aerating tool, or you can simply by using a garden fork.

Aerating your lawn helps allow water to drain faster, allows nutrients to penetrate deeper into the ground and allows oxygen to get to your grass’s roots. All of this results in a healthy lawn, throughout winter.

Insulate Pipes and Taps

As the cold creeps in, it’s the time to protect any pipes that you may have in your garden. The sudden frosts during night time can cause pipes to freeze and burst, resulting in water damage. This damage, if left unnoticed, can simply over-water plants or destroy a building’s foundations.

Protect your garden and house by wrapping outdoor pipes in insulated foam that will ensure they don’t freeze overnight, or lay them at least 1foot underground.

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