These are the terms and conditions for turf sales from Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd. All turf sold and orders taken are subject to these conditions. No variation of these conditions shall be of effect unless agreed by a Director of Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd in writing. No conditions of purchase or other conditions of general application of the customer shall apply to any turf sold by Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd.


Conditions of sale

It is a condition of sale of the goods invoiced that they remain the absolute property of Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd until the total amount due in respect thereof has been paid.



All prices quoted are subject to alteration without notice up to the point at which the order is taken. Thereafter the price will remain fixed.

Valued Added Tax is not included in the price and will be charged separately.

A separate charge is made for delivery.



Payment of the full amount invoiced is to be made at the point of ordering unless customers have opened an account with Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd. Customers wishing to open an account should complete the Account Application Form.

Payment must be made by customers with accounts 30 days after the goods have been supplied.



Orders cancelled, postponed or amended must notify Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd by 48 hours before the date of collection/ delivery for orders Monday – Thursday and before 16:00pm on Fridays for Tuesday’s collections/ deliveries. Any orders cancelled outside of the above times will still be invoiced in full and payment will not be refunded.


Delivery Dates

Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd will endeavour at all times to deliver goods ordered within a reasonable time. Where, however, due to circumstances beyond Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd’s control, delivery is delayed, Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd will not be liable for any damages resulting. If for any reason Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd is unable to make delivery of the whole of any amount ordered, the terms and conditions here set out will still apply to the part of the order completed as they would have applied to the whole.


Exclusion of liability

Once a customer has accepted and laid the turf supplied by Eco Sustainable Solutions the company will have no further liability for the turf or for any damages connected with their use. A customer will be deemed to have accepted the turf unless, within 24 hours of delivery, Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd has been informed in writing of any alleged defect. In an event, the limit of Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd will be to replace the defective goods (subject to 7.b below) and will not extend to consequential damage, expenses or loss of any other kind.

Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd will not be responsible for any defects in the goods arising for improper treatment, laying or maintenance by the customer.

Notwithstanding 2. above any liability arising to third parties or other risk in respect of goods sold will be for the customer’s account after delivery.


Product Specification

Any advice and information given by Eco Sustainability Solutions Ltd relating to the characteristics and suitability of its good for particular application is for guidance only and accordingly no warrant in this regard is given, whether expressed or implied. Customers should satisfy that any turf ordered is suitable for its intended use, and they are welcome to inspect the turf for this purpose.

Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd reserve the right to alter the mixture of seed used to produce the turf without notice.

Weights, Measures and Sizes may deviate from the declared measurements plus or minus 15mm in width and plus or minus 5% in length due to the nature of the product.


Turf Aftercare

Turf Aftercare Booklet is available for downloading please contact us.

Grow plenty of nectar-rich plants and support the bees,

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