About Us

Eco Sustainable Solutions was formed in 1993 by Managing Director, Trelawney Dampney.

25 years ago, Trelawney had the vision to start the company after a friend came back from a visit to Germany, reporting the story of how he saw them collect garden waste and turn it into compost.



This was a light bulb moment for Trelawney and the cogs started to turn... It wasn’t long before Eco opened its doors and started to compost garden waste from across Dorset, selling it back to the local landscapers - some of which are still our customers today! Over the course of the next twenty years, Eco evolved into a successful, trusted and respected business. Its commitment to innovation distinguishes it from all competition.

Eco now transforms various wastes from the wider community and makes them into usable, high quality products. Eco supplies British standard soils, composts & turf. Various mulches, barks and playground surfaces are also available. The materials can be delivered straight to the trade, or home delivery can be organised with minimum fuss.

Over the past few years alone, Eco has grown significantly. With landscape recycling and quality products remaining at the heart of the business, Eco has now taken huge strides into the Renewable Energy sector.

Starting with our Anaerobic Digestion facility at Piddlehinton in 2012 and having completed the work on the UK’s largest solar farm in 2015, we have also recently completed work on a brand new Biomass facility at the Parley head office. 

Taking climate changes into account, Eco strongly believes that renewable energy represents the future.

Our evolving techniques have saved councils and taxpayers thousands of pounds and the company has been recognised both locally and nationwide.

Eco currently process upwards of 250,000 tons of organic material over four separate facilities, an output cementing our position at the forefront of this burgeoning industry.