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Wood Fuel Production

Recycling wood gives it a new life

Wood is the ultimate renewable material. Trees perform instrumental carbon absorption during their lifetimes and promote oxygen levels. Recycling wood not only helps to reduce harmful landfill waste, but it also significantly reduces the need to fell trees.

Each year we turn 60,000 tonnes of discarded wood into enough electricity to supply approximately 15,000 homes.

We accept all types of waste wood including pallets, off-cuts, chipboard, plywood, MDF and hardboard. If you are unsure on whether we can accept your waste then please get in touch with our knowledgeable team.


  • Eco has recycled over 750,000 tonnes of waste wood which has prevented over 600,000 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted to the atmosphere.
  • Our own CHP plant has used 35,817 tonnes of wood waste to generate 5,740 MWh’s of green electricity for use on site and to be fed back into the grid.

Pioneering Processes

Our industry-leading facility can process over 400 tonnes of material a day.

The processing equipment has been specially calibrated to ensure efficiency and robust processing, creating 100% output in one pass.

Once the waste wood has been inspected by the operators, it’s then loaded into pre-sorting equipment which includes the removal of any ferrous metals.

The material is then processed through sizing screens and shredders which refine it to produce to the desired specification as well as recovering any non-ferrous metal.

Where possible, the equipment utilised has been converted away from diesel to be powered through electricity, which has been generated on-site through a dedicated biomass combined heat and power plant. Our CHP plant is fuelled by, you guessed it, waste wood!

Stringent Quality Control

Here at Eco, we understand that ensuring the right fuel for our energy plant, and the plants we supply, will improve overall operating performance.
Eco has a dedicated on-site laboratory for stringent sampling and analysis routines to ensures that every batch of fuel meets the P63 particle size grade and M35 moisture classification.

1. Dorset's Waste Wood

Through the general public taking it to tips or local business tipping it with us, Dorset's wood waste is collected at Eco.

2. Shredding to specification

This wood is shredded, according to the spcecification required by the partners that we're supplying.

3. Eco BioFuel production

This shredded product is now a fantastic, sustainable bio fuel. This is used on site in our own Biomass CHP to power our Eco Park or distributed to biomass powerstations

Quality Output

Eco supply consistent, high quality and reliable wood fuel, Eco BioFuel, to various combined heat and power stations around the South of England, producing enough fuel to load 20 articulated lorries a day.

With a fleet of vehicles and extensive network of hauliers utilised, Eco can organise efficient and fast response fuel delivery options in the region.

Membership and Accreditations

Wood recyclers' association banner REA organics logo