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Aggregate Washing

Street sweepings for sustainability

Every year, approximately one million tonnes of road sweepings and gully waste ends up in the landfil across the UK.

Here at Eco, we have invested in the future and developed an alternative way to manage this waste.

Our Gully & Street Sweeping Recycling Facility recovers all the materials from our roads and processes them into a range of quality products to be used again. This increases the recycling performance of our local authority and ultimately helps sustainability.


  • • Over 25,000 tonnes recycled per year at our facility alone
  • • 98% of the material recovered into usable products
  • • Saves over 3,000 tonnes of CO2 emitted from the landfill alternative

Pioneering Processes

The Eco Gully & Street Sweeping Recycling Facility comprises of several pioneering phases to reach the maximum output of the process.

Disposed material is fed directly into a washer within the facility that extracts the organic material. The remaining material then passes through a calibrated screen which produces a quality, recycled aggregate.

What remains is then passed through a sand plant, which extracts, you guessed it, the sand! We are then left with a sludge like material that is centrifuged in order to recycle the water. Nothing goes to waste.

Stringent Quality Control

At Eco, our goal is to always achieve the highest quality. When it comes to street sweepings, we submit our aggregate for monthly chemical analysis.

All of the organic material extracted from our street sweeping process goes through the full PAS100 process to produce high quality products under complete specification.

Due to the origin of the materials, one component does not meet PAS100 specification. However, this CLO (compost like output) is a fantastic material to be supplied as a sustainable product for land restoration.

1. Street Sweepers

Street sweepers travel across the local area, cleaning our roads and collecting any debris.

2. Seperation & Cleaning

The collected material is fed into a washer, which extracts all the organic material, which is composted. Anything remaning is screened to produce a recycled aggregate. We then extract the sand and are left with a sludge.

3. Recycling the water

The sludge material remaining is centrifuged in order to recycle and reuse any water that is remaining.

4. Composting of organic material

The organic material that was extracted is complosted according to PAS100 protocol. The CLO produced is used for land restoration projects.

Quality Output

98% of what is put into the Eco Gully & Street Sweeping Facility is recovered into usable and quality outputs.

The aggregate is available for purchase in loose or bulk bags from the Eco Shop. This is a great, sustainable option for drainage or pipe bedding.

Membership and Accreditations

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