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Street Sweeping

Clean up locally to help globally

As disposal costs continue to rise, the commercial argument for cleaning and recycling street sweepings has become even stronger. The effects of global landfill on the environment paired with increased landfill tax has significantly raised costs for companies who offer reception and collection services for this waste.

Eco recieves street sweepings from commercial and local authority sources, diverting 100% of it from going to landfill.

We take in around 20,000 tonnes of street sweepings from the local Dorset area each year. Our dedicated recycling plant was introduced to the process in January 2015. Collected materials from gully and street are processed to generate water, compost, and washed sand.

Please get in touch to discuss how Eco can help process your street sweepings to produce reusable products.

Eco's Solution for this waste


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