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Parley Solar

Eco are committed to the provision of renewable energy from various sources.

We are delighted that the Chapel Gate solar farm is now meeting the equivalent electricity needs of over 20,000 local homes.

Since 2013, Eco have been working to develop a number of Solar Power installations surrounding its Eco Park near Bournemouth.

To date, this has resulted in three major developments which now form one of the largest spread of solar panels in the UK, totalling some 380 acres.

  • The area of the solar farm is equivalent to 5,000 tennis court or 215 football pitches and is one of the largest in the UK
  • On a sunny day, the solar farm has the ability to generate over 70MWh of renewable electricity, which is enough to power over 140,000 homes

Our process

Solar Energy is fascinating stuff! We've explained the process in some detail below:

1. The solar farm works by using photovoltaic (PV) panels to convert sunlight into electricity. The process is both physical and chemical and involves the crystallising of atoms in order to create an electric current.

2. The processes involved use a clean and sustainable energy technology, which uses the planets most widely distributed and plentiful renewable energy source – the sun.

3. The panels are mounted on the ground on racks at a 30 degree angle. The heights range from 2ft7ins and 9ft6ins and this ensures that the land can still be used for agriculture - particularly grazing.

End result

The renewable energy supplied by this project has been received well in Dorset.

The sites use high yield panels to deliver over 70MW of solar generation when running at peak.

This provides the power requirements for around 27,000 houses.

Other projects

Biomass CHP

The most recent addition to our Eco Park is the Combined Heat & Power Plant (CHP) at our Parley facility in Dorset.


Membership and Accreditations

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