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Biomass CHP

The most recent addition to our Eco Park is the Combined Heat & Power Plant (CHP) at our Parley facility in Dorset.

The new plant is capable of burning 10,000 tonnes of oversized organic material which is taken from the established composting process on site.

The energy generated from the plant will be used to power the site, with any excess fed into the National Grid.

  • The combustion gases must reach and maintain temperature above 850°C for 2 seconds - that's as hot as the surface temperature of the planet Venus
  • The thermal oil operates at a temperature of 295 degrees, it then vaporises in order to drive the turbine
  • The 730kW of electricity produced is enough to power over 1,460 homes per year

Our process

Our Biomass CHP plant converts waste wood derived fuel into heat and power through a combustion process.

1. The process starts in the loading bay where a walking floor mechanism moves back and forth (powered by hydraulic rams) to pull the Eco BioFuel into the conveyor system.

2. At the top of the conveyor belt, the material drops into the fire-break chamber. This feeds into two screw augurs that push the material into the furnace.

3. Within the furnace, the material cascades down the moving grate, through different combustion zones, which maximises combution for energy extraction.

4. The hot gasses produced are drawn to the top of the furnace by a large induction fan and htourhg a post chamber, which ensures the gasses burn for the minimum requirement of 2 seconds and 850 degrees +. Burnt materials drop off the end of the moving grate, into the ash shoots, which deposit the material into a transfer conveyor.

5. The hot gasses travel through a large heat exchanger where it passes through three heat exchange coils in order to extract as much energy from the gas, into the oil pipes.

6. The hot oil is then pumped through an Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) system which vaporises to turn a turbine and generate power.

7. The hot gasses are drawn out of the heat exchanger, into a cyclone in order to extract large particles and then through the bag filter (flue gas filtration system), dosed 3 agents, extracting any remaining fly ash and contaminants. This is controlled by a CEM (Constant Emissions Monitoring) system to ensure adherence to strict IED limits.

End Result

The CHP plant generates clean, green, renewable energy which is used to power equipment on site which, for years, had been run from fossil fuels.

The heat is harnessed and used on site to process organic wastes.

Other projects

Parley Solar

Eco are committed to the provision of renewable energy from various sources.


Membership and Accreditations

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