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We receive around 250 tonnes of organic “Green Waste” each day, which we process into compost, an organic soil improver.

We accept green waste from a number of local councils' household waste sites and waste disposal companies on a contractual basis.

In addition to this, we accept green waste from a large number of local landscape gardeners, thanks to our competitive disposal rate.

The alternative for this waste would be to take it to landfill where greenhouse gasses are created.

Our Process

The green recycling process is simple in theory but complex on a large scale.

Our system is made easy by a CMS (Compost Management System) which is descibed in the following 11 steps:


1. Green waste is taken in and loaded on the weighbridge operating system.


2. From here, the material is inspected and any contaminated loads are turned away.


3. The green waste is loaded into a hopper, where it is shredded, then screened. Oversize material is fed back into the shredder. 


4. The shredded green waste is placed in windrow formation and managed using our compost management system.


5. A combination of oxygen, CO2, moisture and temperature is used to manufacuture the PAS100 compost.


6. The material is monitored from day one and each windrow is in place for 6 weeks.


7. Each windrow is turned twice in its lifecycle.


8. The temperature of each windrow can reach up to 65 degrees (enough to fry an egg!)


9. The CMS enables us to use a probe, to get an evaluation of each windrow. From here, actions are taken to ensure the compost process is working effectively in all windrows.


10. The material is finally screened into four screen sizes - 10mm, 20mm, 80mm and oversize.


11. The oversized material goes back to the start of the process where it begins the process again. This helps to speed up the composting process as the oversized waste is already composting!

End Results

The final products are stored in our Green Yard  - ready for collection by our customers.

Through the screening process, we will have manufactured the highly acclaimed composts our customers have grown to know and love.

  • Eco Mix compost – a high grade soil improving compost.
  • Coarse Eco Mix - a slightly coarser versoin of our original blend - excellent for mulching and borders.
  • Contract Mulch - popular with landscapers - a larger version of our standard EcoMix compost, you can be assured of its high quality without the price tag.
  • Tree & Shrub - phosphoric acid is added to this coarse blend to lower the pH. An ideal ericaceous compost.

Additional Info

  • We can shred up to 500 tons of green waste per day
  • The only by-product of this process is the plastics which are taken away by another waste disposal company (less than 1%).
  • ALL other materials from the process have been recycled.



Facts & Data

  • Our composts are PAS:100 and Quality Protocol Certified, manufactured under scientifically monitored conditions.
  • Test Certificates are available upon request


Memberships & Accreditations

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  • ISO14001 Logo

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