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Harrowden Wildflower Turf


Harrowden Turf have combined a vibrant blend of 31 native wildflowers to give your outdoor space a relaxed feel.

Harrowden Wildflower Turf is available in bulk for chosen day, nationwide delivery.

As featured in “The English Garden” magazine, Harrowden’ s Wildflower turf is an innovative landscaping material that allows you to establish dense planting very quickly. More reliable than seeding and less time-consuming than plug-planting, Wildflower Turf gives you a vibrant meadow garden on a roll. It’s installed and established just like grass turf but needs less ongoing maintenance than a lawn.

Maintaining Wildflower Turf requires a different approach to any other type of gardening. Fertilisers and pesticides can stay in the shed – you won’t be needing those. Neither will you need your lawn mower. Wildflower Turf can be left to grow unchecked between March and August. At the end of summer, it is cut back to a height of 10 – 15 cm and all vegetation is removed. Mow once or twice in Autumn to remove excess growth and leave over winter and your Wildflower Turf will naturally start growing when the soils warm up in spring.

We have multiple variations of Wildflower Turf options available, including:

  • Traditional Landscape Wildflower Turf

Harrowden Traditional Landscape Meadowmat is a blend of 3 slow-growing grasses and 31 natives wildflowers typically found in an old fashioned hay meadow. Many of the species are perennial which means they will flower every year if the conditions are suitable. The specially selected grasses ensure cover all year round.

  • Birds and Bees Wildflower Turf

A blend of 41 native wildflowers specially selected to be pollinator friendly. Most of the species are perennial which means they will flower every year if the conditions are suitable. Grown on a biodegradable coir blanket, meaning no grass species are required, resulting in a more colourful wildflower turf.

  • Cottage Garden Wildflower Turf

A blend of 2 slow growing grasses and 30 native wildflowers, many of which could be found in an old fashioned English garden. Most of the species are perennial which means they will flower every year if the conditions are suitable.

Please call our friendly sales team for assistance on 01202 593601.

Typical Properties

Why choose Harrowden Wildflower Turf?

  • 31 different varieties of native wildflowers, giving your outdoor space the “wow” factor
  • Wildflower Turf prefers to grow in full sun and moist, but well drained low fertility soil
  • A mixture of mature plants that allows you to establish dense planting very quickly and year round interest
  • Biodiverse and pollinator friendly providing a valuable source of nectar and food for many species of insects and birds
  • Environmentally friendly requiring no fertilises or pesticides.
  • Low maintenance – does not require regular mowing.

Key Features

Turf Specification

  • Dimensions: each roll covers approximately 1m square, 2000mm x 500mm, depth of between 18-20mm.
  • Seed mix varies depending on type of turf, please enquire for more details
  • Many of the species are perennial, meaning they will flower every year if the conditions are suitable.
  • The product is mown before dispatch to minimise damage to plants. It will not be in flower when it is delivered.


Not recommended for use as a sport turf.
Wildflower Turf rolls must be rolled out within 24 hours of receipt.
Please note, if ordering turf along with other Eco products, the order will be fulfilled in separate deliveries. This is to ensure you get the most fresh turf we can provide, therefore it is coming directly from the turf farm.

Per 1m2 Roll

Free Delivery

Rolawn Medallion® Turf provides a high-quality, consistently deep green lawn which is both hard-wearing and drought tolerant.

Get in touch today to find out how to order rolls of Rolawn Turf.

Please contact us on 01202 593601 or email us [email protected].

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    Harrowden Wildflower Turf questions

    Q. What are the benefits of using wildflower turf rolls?


    As the name suggests, Wildflower rolls have wildflower seeds already sown in, attracting pollinators and beneficial insects. Wildflower lawns require less maintenance than traditional lawns and can be a sustainable and low-maintenance landscaping option. They also contribute to biodiversity and ecosystem health, while also adding beauty and colour to your garden.

    Q. How many wildflower turf rolls do I need for my garden?


    Our Wildflower turf rolls cover approximately 1 square meter each. The number of turf rolls needed for your garden depends on the size and shape of the area you wish to cover. To calculate, you will need to use the formula length(m) x width(m) which will give you the area in square meters.

    Q. Can you lay wildflower turf rolls on an uneven surface?


    It is not recommended to lay wildflower turf on an uneven surface as it can result in poor contact between the turf and the soil. It is essential to level the ground and remove any large bumps or depressions before turfing. This ensures proper establishment and a uniform, healthy lawn surface.

    Membership and Accreditations

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