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Eco Tree & Shrub Topsoil

Encourage strong root growth and provide your trees & shrubs proper drainage with this quality topsoil.

Create an impeccable growing environment for trees and shrubs and strengthen their root systems. This course blend is screened between 15mm and 20mm, to provide a nutrient-rich, free draining base. We’ve blended it to 80:20 with our Eco Mix, peat-free soil improver (PAS100 certified) which means there’s no need for additional fertilisers – the soil is ready to use.

Our Tree & Shrub topsoil is produced sustainably in Dorset. It’s fully recycled and undergoes a rigorous refining process. In addition, leading soil scientist Tim O’Hare regularly tests our soil to make sure it meets BS:3882:2015 certification.

Free of viable weeds, seeds and pathogens, this soil is expertly screened to size and has a pH of 7-8.5.

To encourage drainage, this mix does include stones, so use it trees, shrubs, and general landscaping where some stone content is ok.

Typical Properties

  • Blended perfectly to encourage tree and shrub root strength and growth
  • Organic matter content helps with moisture retention and improves soil structure
  • Nutrient-rich so no need for extra fertilisers
  • Easy to crumble and work with
  • Also ideal for landscaping and general garden use

Key Features

  • Input materials: Recycled Inert Soil & PAS100 Compost.
  • Particle Size Distribution: >90% passing a 6.0mm screen >75% passing a 3.0mm screen >50% passing a 1.0mm screen.
  • Bulk Density: 980 – 1080 g/litre.
  • Moisture Content: 20% m/m.
  • Dry Matter: 80% m/m.
  • Organic Matter: (as loss recognition) 3 – 20% of the dry matter.
  • PH: 7 – 8.5.
  • Electrical Conductivity: 270µS/cm.
  • Purity: Substantially free of physical contaminants, viable weed seeds and pathogens.
  • Potentially Toxic Elements: Within acceptable limits (“Heavy Metals”).
  • Certification: PAS100 & the Compost Quality Protocol, in which this quality compost was produced in compliance with the Compliance Quality Protocol.


Our Tree & Shrub topsoil is not suitable as a top dressing or surface layer for playing fields or lawns.

£84.95 per bulk bag (0.9m3)

Free Delivery

Our 10mm SuperSoil Coarse is a 80:20 blend of our quality, screened British Standard topsoil and Eco Mix soil-improving compost.

"The soil was well supplied with organic matter and all major plant nutrients."

Tim O'Hare - UK's leading soil specialist

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