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Eco Lawn Top Dressing

Create vibrant green lawns with our nourishing, peat-free dressing. Double screened to produce beautiful blades and healthy growth.

Eco Lawn Top Dressing helps turf flourish and thrive. This organic topsoil can help to promote strong root system growth, repair, and rejuvenate lawns that need care and attention.

This topper is locally produced in Dorset and is 100% organic. We’ve designed it to not only care for your lawn but improve water irrigation efficiency to reduce the need for wetting agents.

Our soil improver has been double screened to 10mm, with 95% passing 4mm. This fine soil improver is rich in nutrients and quickly absorbed, so it won’t be sat on top of your lawn for long.

For luscious, healthy-looking lawns, add Eco Lawn Top Dressing to the root zone of your grass.

Typical Properties

  • Repairs and refreshes grass for a healthy and lush lawn
  • Improves soil structure and moisture retention
  • Excellent source of nutrient-rich organic matter
  • Easy to apply
  • Little maintenance needed

Key Features

  • Input materials: Biodegradable green plant & tissue matter.
  • Particle Size Distribution: >100% passing a 7.0mm screen >90% passing a 4.0mm screen >50% passing a 1.0mm screen.
  • Bulk Density: 500 - 600 g/litre.
  • Moisture Content: 35% m/m.
  • Dry Matter: 65% m/m.
  • Organic Matter: (as loss recognition) 25% of the dry matter.
  • PH: 7.5 - 8.5.
  • Electrical Conductivity: 400 μS/cm.
  • Purity: Substantially free of physical contaminants, viable weed seeds and pathogens.
  • Potentially Toxic Elements: within acceptable limits.
  • Certification: PAS100 & the Compost Quality Protocol, in which this quality compost was produced in compliance with the Compliance Quality Protocol.


Not suitable for potting plants or veg – for this try our Eco MultiPurpose compost

£99.95 per bulk bag (0.9m3)

Free Delivery

Our Eco Mix range is a high quality, natural PAS100 certified compost.

"Extremely high quality. Some of the best results I have ever seen!''

Murray Long, Managing Director, Golf Course Development Ltd

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