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Nationwide, chosen day delivery

Need to give your lawn a boost or lay fresh rolls?

We’ve got a range of products that will help you produce the lushest of lawns. Whether that is starting from scratch or giving it a new lease of life, Eco Turf & Lawn Seeding Soil or Eco Lawn Top Dressing are sure to help.

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Rolawn Medallion® Turf

Britain's finest turf. Rolawn have over 45 years industry leading experience and pro-fresh technology to keep turf fresher for longer.

£7.39 per 1m2 roll

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Eco Turf & Lawn Seeding Soil

Quality organic topsoil containing peat-free compost, perfect for laying turf and seeding.

£126.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L /1000kg)

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Eco Lawn Top Dressing Compost

Create vibrant green lawns with our nourishing, peat-free dressing. Double screened to produce beautiful blades and healthy growth.

£130.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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Eco Mix Organic Soil Improver

Peat-free organic soil improver perfect for raised beds, borders, trees and shrubs

£126.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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Harrowden Landscape Turf

Harrowden Turf meticulously grown and harvest turf to ensure a healthy, vibrant, and long-lasting lawn that will be the pride and joy of your home.

Harrowden Wildflower Turf

Harrowden Turf have combined a vibrant blend of 31 native wildflowers to give your outdoor space a relaxed feel.

Eco Pro Mix Organic Soil Improver

Fine grade, peat-free organic compost ready to give your plants a boost with a premium finish.

£130.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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Eco Fruit & Veg Organic Compost

Nurture your fruit and vegetable patch to give your produce the best start and healthy growth.

£126.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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How we maintain & deliver quality

Stringent quality checks throughout production

Over 30 years of expertise

Not sure what you need? Call the team on 01202 593601

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Lawncare questions

Q. I have poor lawn vigour, what can I do to encourage growth?

A. Rejuvenate lawns with 1cm of Eco Mix Pro and brush in to add organic matter and feed the grass roots. For seeding new areas of lawn, mix the grass seed with Eco Mix and apply to the prepared soil. For new turf, apply 2-3cm of Eco Mix before laying the turf to help establishment.

Q. I have light and sandy soil that is prone to drought, what can I do to improve it?

A. Apply 5-6cm of Eco Mix and dig/fork into the top 15cm of soil. Cover bare soil areas with 6-7cm of Mulch in the autumn & winter to  help conserve soil moisture.

Membership and Accreditations

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