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Fill Your Raised Bed

Nationwide, chosen day delivery

Planning to build a raised bed, but not sure what to fill it with?

Our range of quality, sustainable products will work brilliantly in any raised bed.

Of course, both of our SuperSoils are fantastic as the base for your beds. Their high organic content will provide your plants the nutrients and organic matter they need for a long time. If you want a less stony finish, opt for SuperSoil over SuperSoil Coarse.

To help establish your plants, whether that is your favourite vegetables or seasonal shrubs, Eco Mix will supply all of the essential nutrient that your plants need.

Why not finish off your raised bed with a mulch to help insulate your plants throughout the winter months, supress weed growth and keep off any pesky invaders.

Eco Mix Organic Soil Improver

Peat-free organic soil improver perfect for raised beds, borders, trees and shrubs

£126.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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Eco Mix Coarse Organic Soil Improver

Peat-free coarse soil improver, perfect for feeding shrubs and borders over colder months

£116.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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Eco SuperSoil Topsoil

Quality organic topsoil containing peat-free compost, perfect for all types of landscaping, including laying turf.

£121.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L /1000kg)

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Eco Beds & Borders Organic Compost

Improve soil fertility with Eco's Beds & Borders Organic Compost to give your beds and borders a nutrient-rich growing environment.

£126.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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Eco Peat Free Multipurpose Organic Compost

Sow and Grow with Confidence, our Peat-Free Multipurpose Compost is perfect for rooting, planters and hanging baskets

£151.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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Eco Multipurpose Organic Compost

Reduced-peat, organic compost, the perfect growing media for rooting, planters and hanging baskets

£151.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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Eco Fruit & Veg Topsoil

This rich topsoil nourishes fruit and vegetable plants in patches, raised beds or allotments.

£121.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L/1000kg)

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Eco Beds & Borders Topsoil

Encourage flowers to bloom and vibrant borders; this quality organic topsoil is enriched with peat-free compost.

£121.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L/1000kg)

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