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Beds & Borders

Beds and borders are crucial components of a garden.

We all know that creating a beautiful bed or a defined border can help give your garden the structure and layout it needs. The selected products below will really help establish your beds and borders; the soil improvers will give your plants a perfect environment to flourish, our range of mulches will protect your beds and make your garden beautiful (and no artificial fertlisers in sight!).

Why not try Eco Mix Coarse to mulch your beds? The coarser composition of our flagship soil improver, Eco Mix, will breakdown over time, providing a slow release of nutrients for your plants.

Eco Tree & Shrub compost

Peat-free soil improver, perfect for giving acid-loving trees and shrubs a boost

£99.95 per bulk bag (0.9m3)

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Eco Mix soil improver

Peat-free soil improver perfect for raised beds, borders, trees and shrubs

£89.95 per bulk bag (0.9m3)

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Eco Mix Coarse soil improver

Peat-free coarse soil improver, perfect for feeding shrubs and borders over colder months

£84.95 per bulk bag (0.9m3)

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Eco Amenity Bark mulch

FSC® Certified bark-based mulch perfect for plant protection and weed suppression

£119.95 per bulk bag (0.9m3)

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Eco Woodland Mulch

A bark-based mulch recycled from local trees, perfect for deterring slugs and snails.

£109.95 per bulk bag (0.9m3)

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Eco Bark Nuggets

FSC® Certified bark nuggets, perfect for playground surfaces, beds and borders.

£149.95 per bulk bag (0.9m3)

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Eco SuperSoil topsoil

Quality topsoil containing peat-free compost, perfect for all types of landscaping, including laying turf.

£94.95 per bulk bag (0.9m3)

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