April jobs in the garden

We've had the first official day of Sping and there's tons to be getting on with in the garden this month! The longer days and increased daylight are exactly what your garden has been wishing for all winter long, so get outside and embrace the season! 

We've come up with some top tips for the month to help you get started...

Sow lawn seed now on well prepared soil 


Keep the soil moist whilst the seed is germinating. The typical April showers should support this process so where possible, preserve your water.

Pssst.... A great recycling method, Water butts are a worthwhile investment for the season ahead. Position them under a downpipe to make the most of rainfall.

Our 10mm Suer Soil is a great top soil for laying turf, topping up borders or filling raised beds. Plus it's currently on sale until the end of May 2018 - woohoo!

For an instant lawn - lay new turf


Ensure it is kept moist until established. Our maintenance guide is a great support and can be used as a checklist to ensure optimum growth. A downladable will be available on the website soon but in the meantime - speak with the office to learn more.

Repair any bare patches in your lawn with seed and fertiliser. The fertiliser is a great way to give your lawn a boost and encourage further growth.

If neccessary Aerate the lawn by spiking it with a garden fork or spike aerator. This will help the lawn roots multiply, increasing the amount of blades and keeping the lawn thick and strong.

You'll also need to mow your lawn more regularly from now as it's going to start springing up!

Keep those weeds under control

weeds 2

Now is a good time to apply specialist lawn weed killers where moss and weeds are a problem. Remember, weeds don’t just spring up on your grass or borders.... 

Apply weed killer to perennial weeds in paving and patios to stop the growth. Investing in a pressure washer will help with this task and make the job a doddle!

Top up the nutrients and give your garden a boost

pots 2

Top-dress containers and pots with fresh compost to encourage growth and tidy up those borders!

Trim the edge of the turf and dig over your beds. A healthy mulching of compost will inject key nutrients into the earth and encourage plant life. 

Thinking about potting? Our Multipurpose Compost is ideal for the task! You can buy in bulk or store retail bags in the shed for when you need them.

Pssst....Do you keep a compost bin? A great family task, a compost bin creates a thriving habitat for the garden and is a brilliant way to recycle organic household waste. Plus the compost can be used on your borders and beds too!

Be cautious of the weather 

frost rose 2

This year we have seen a challenging March and April with unseasonally cool conditions. Late frosts can shock your plant life so be sure to give your garden the best possible chance by protecting plants and maintaining borders.

Handy hint.....

Moving indoors... Don’t forget to increase watering your house plants. With extra daylight hours and warmer windowsills, your indoor beauties will need their thirsts quenched!

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