Local Businesses Mucking in to Help Special Hotel

Bournemouth's Grove Hotel, which is a holiday retreat for cancer patients and those with life threatening illnesses, has been given a massive green-fingered boost. Eco Sustainable Solutions and Dorset Soils and Aggregates joined together to dispose of all the hotel's green waste.

A team of volunteer gardeners created a wonderful space for residents to enjoy. And in doing so they produced a huge pile of cuttings and branches that they don't have the space to compost.

Dorset Soils said they'd provide the logistical expertise to remove it and Eco Sustainable Solutions said they'd recycle it.

The businesses in doing so saved the hotel, which is funded by Macmillan Caring Locally, a great deal of money that can now be spent on guests.

Hotel manager Brenden Howard said: "These companies have helped us before and we're extremely grateful to them for removing our waste.

"It is good to know that it will be recycled and turned into compost.

"Our volunteer gardeners do a wonderful job and have created a lovely garden for our guests to enjoy.

"We have 28 rooms and welcome those suffering from cancer or life-threatening illnesses and their families or carers.

"We have a nurse here 24/7 and specialist facilities - but most of all we are a normal hotel whose guests come to have a good time.

"We also have a beach hut and are owned and operated by Macmillan Caring Locally in Christchurch."

Peter Hardy from Eco Sustainable Solutions, said: "The hotel is a wonderful place on the East Cliff.

"I know our company and Dorset Soils were very happy to do a little bit to help them."

Grove hotel and volunteers from local businesses

(l-r) volunteer gardeners Barry Waker and Terry Fitzgerald, Alison Brencher from Dorset Soils, Lucy Short , Volunteer Coordinator at the Macmillan Unit, Christchurch Hospital, Matt Rudd volunteer gardener, hotel manager Brenden Howard, Sally Northover from Dorset Soils and Peter Hardy from Eco Sustainable Solutions

Alison Brencher, sales executive at Dorset Soils, said: "It was a pleasure to be able to help this incredible organisation and see how much it meant to the volunteers, the gardeners and the guests.

"We have since heard back from the Macmillan volunteer coordinator, Lucy, who has expressed her appreciation and mentioned how the volunteers feel really valued and can really see the benefits for the patients."

Last year, Eco's business operations actively prevented an astounding 74,780 tonnes of CO2e from being emitted into the atmosphere.

This was as a direct result of the recycling and recovery of over 250,000 tonnes of organic waste, and the generation of electricity from our renewable energy sources.

Across all our recycling and energy operations, Eco only produced 3,200 tonnes of CO2e.

For more information on The Grove Hotel, Bournemouth click here.


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