Eco is a Dorset Echo Industry Awards 2019 Finalist

Eco is very pleased to announce that we are a finalist in the Dorset Echo Industry Awards 2019.






Our entry is into the Business Development or Innovative Idea category for our Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Plant in Piddlehinton.

The Dorset Echo Industry Awards aims to bring together the best of business in the DT postcode sector. We firmly believe that our Anaerobic Digestion plant is one of them.

About Our Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Recycling is at the centre of everything we do at Eco and our anaerobic digestion (AD) plant is no exception. This pioneering plant is amongst the most advanced and successful in the country.

It's a simple concept; food waste is collected, processed and turned into energy.

Local authorities collect food waste from around 60,000 homes across Dorset and deliver it to the plant in Piddlehinton where it is processed into biogas and digestate (the material which remains following the anaerobic digestion process).

Eco now handles more than 25,000 tonnes of food waste every year which would have otherwise been destined for landfill.

The AD plant produces biogas, which generates enough electricity to power over 3,000 local homes. The digestate is also used on local arable land to improve soil health and encourage sustainable crop production. Nothing goes to waste.

Dorset Echo Industry Awards Finalists

The Dorset Echo judging panel have announced three finalists in each category.

The categories include:

•    Apprenticeship/Training Employer

•    Business Development or Innovative Idea

•    Contribution to Tourism

•    New Business (started in the past 2 years)

•    Customer Service Excellence

•    Social Media Engagement

•    Retailer of the Year

•    Food / Drink Experience

•    Business Leader

See all the finalists here. 

The awards ceremony will be held at Weymouth College on Thursday 13th June, where the winners will be announced.

We will keep you updated with our progress! 


Find out more about our Anaerobic Digestion plant

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