Easter Recycling Tips

We all love Easter....

We're all in the same rather heavy boat this week...  we've eaten chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner but have you thought about what to do with the packaging?

Chocolate eggs are one of the most over-packaged products available on the market to buy and this year is no exception. With booming records of the tasty chocolate treats sold across the nation - it's increasingly important to recycle the discarded package.

The average chocolate egg is protected by a foil shell, a plastic mould and then a cardboard box. That's quite a bit of material! 

The good news is that the majority of the excess packaging is recyclable so we thought we'd pool our top tips here to help you HOP into action with your waste...

1. Contamination free

foil easter egg

 Try to keep the packaging as free from food contamination as possible. This should be the easy part - who wants to waste perfectly good chocolate?!

2. As with all recycling, s-EGG-mentation is the way forward... 


Make sure you are popping your plastics, cardboard and foil in the right bins.

For Bournemouth there's all the info you'll need here: www.bournemouth.gov.uk/BinsRecycling/BinsandRecycling 

For Poole, this is where you'll find the right details: https://www.poole.gov.uk/bins-waste-and-recycling/

3. Reuse and recycle - can you turn your packaging into something new? 


Are there any alternative ways to recycle or reuse your Easter goodies?? Paper crafting is a great option to reuse card plus there's plenty of idea's for Spring crafting online. 

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