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How Playground Wood Chip Can Reduce Business Insurance Costs

Insurance costs can be a constant and considerable expense for businesses, and it’s natural to want to try and reduce these costs as much as possible. In our recent blog, Reducing Outdoor Playground Liability we spoke about a few of the many ways in which you can reduce your outgoings when it comes to insurance.

One such way of reducing your insurance costs is to reduce the risk of liability. For properties which are publicly accessible, and which feature some form of outdoor play-area, the risks of a person hurting themselves and holding you responsible can be rather large. Reducing these risks is the first leap into reducing the costs associated with your business insurance.

To reduce the risk of injury on a public or business playground, as outlined in our previous blog, there are some steps you can follow to ensure that you reduce risk. Firstly, if installing a new playground, a professional should be enlisted to design an age-appropriate playground. Then professional playground installers should be used to erect the apparatus, and lastly, yet perhaps most importantly, ensure you install the correct, and best suited, playground surface.

The playground surface that you choose has different risks and wood chip is perhaps the safest (and therefore lowest risk) surface available today.

Why Does Playground Wood Chip Reduce Insurance Costs?

Wood chip is inherently safer than the majority of the alternatives available on the market, such as shingle, rubberised tarmac, or rubber mulch.

This is because wood chip, when compared to shingle, is a much softer product. Wood chip, unlike shingle, grass or even concrete, compresses upon impact. Both the material (lightweight wood) and the application (loose fill) is compressible under impact, giving much greater cushioning when compared to other materials.

When compared to rubber mulch, wood chip is a safer alternative due to its non-toxicity. Our wood chip isn’t dyed or bleached and is as natural (and sustainable) as wood chip gets, meaning it’s completely safe to be around for children, animals and the surrounding environment. This is a much preferable alternative when compared to recycled tyres or other rubber surfaces, which contain toxins and chemicals, having the potential to leach out into the surrounding area, and leave traces when touched. We have previously written about the problem of using rubber mulch as a playground surface.

How Playground Wood Chip Saves Money in Other Ways

Since costs are an important focus on this blog, we can’t help but point out a few factors which are not insurance-related. Wood chip is cheaper to source and install than alternatives like rubber mulch and whilst it may need to be refreshed a little more often, it’s still more cost effective after multiple installations. Importantly, it is easy to dispose of when the time does comes to replace it, and while it slowly decomposes it releases its stored nutrients back into the soil beneath – ultimately being a benefit to the environment.

Not all wood chip is so innocuous however, you should seek a natural product which is sustainable sourced and importantly, undyed. Some wood chip is made from recycled pallets, which is great from a recycling perspective, but if the pallets have carried a toxic consignment these chemicals can leech into and remain in the wood once it is chipped – which isn’t so great.

The playground wood chip we supply at Eco is natural, sustainable and appealing. It will make your playground look nice while being safe, and importantly, helping to lower the costs of your business insurance.

Speak to our sales team today for a quote, or just for some helpful advice.

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