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Gardening Jobs For Spring

If you love your garden (or if your garden is in need of some love) now is the time to begin your gardening jobs, while they are still manageable, and before your greenery starts to get out of control as the weather warms up.

This March and April it’s all about getting the spring jobs done, so your garden will be ready for the summer!

Top 5 Things To Do Now In Your Garden To Give You a Head Start For Summer

Check Your Tools

After a long, cold and wet winter, the first thing you might want to do is to check that your gardening tools have survived in full working order. Therefore, before you begin in your garden, set aside an hour to check your garden machinery and tools over. If something appears to have rusted, seized or gone wrong, give it some attention and put it right again. If you find that you can’t fix it – it’s probably time to head out a buy a new one.

Dig Out Weeds

Clear your garden, lawn and flower beds of perennial weeds like dandelions, stinging nettles, brambles and creeping buttercup. These weeds survive the winter by storing up food in their roots and they can live for a number of years on this stored food. The best way to get rid of these weeds once and for all is to dig them right out, roots and all. If you leave any of the root behind you will find that the weed will regrow. If you stay on top of these weeds and dig them out as soon as you see them growing, the roots will eventually use up all their stored energy and die.

Pruning and Tidying

Cut back, tidy and prune everything which needs it, including winter-flowering heathers and shrubs. Also cut back any ivy, or other vines, you have making its way up the side of your house, this will help to keep it under control and clear of windows and gutters, come summer. You will find that even doing this task will make your house and garden look tidier and brighter.

Trim the Hedge

Now is a good time to give any hedges you may have a good trim, before birds begin nesting in them. Speaking of birds, since it’s still cold during this time of the year, with frequent frosts, it’s a good idea to feed them. Hanging fat balls and topping up the bird feeder is great thing to do to help the wildlife in your garden.

Lawn Tips

First and foremost during this time of year is to stay off the grass if you’ve had a frost. The grass blades are frozen, and far more susceptible to damage. Avoid trying to cut your grass when it’s frozen as this can cause damage to your lawn which may last well into the following spring.

Need help for winter lawn care tips? Don’t worry, our Eco team has got your back.

When It Gets A Bit Warmer

Think about buying some mulch to put down on your beds and around the base of your trees and shrubs to help protect them from cold, heat and drought. Just ensure the ground is not frozen when you put the mulch down. It’s better to put mulch down when the ground has warmed up, otherwise the mulch can actually slow the rate at which the ground warms up, which will also have an effect on the development of your plants in time for summer.

So now you know what to do, it’s time to get out there in the elements and start tending to your garden. If it seems a bit hard to get out there when it’s cold, just remember that come summer, you’ll have a wonderful outside space to enjoy!

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