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Eco donation helps playtime go with a swing in Hurn

Eco donation helps playtime go with a swing in Hurn

PLAYTIME is going with a swing in Hurn thanks to the generosity of a Dorset company.

Eco Sustainable Solutions has donated £6,000 to pay for a new set of children’s swings in the play area at Moors Close.

The company, which is based in nearby Parley, offered the money after being approached by Hurn Parish Council.

Chairman Cllr Margaret Phipps said: “This is a wonderful donation and we’re very grateful to Eco for its generosity.

“The previous swings were more than 15 years old and had reached the end of their natural life. The replacement swings are fantastic and will be very popular with children in the village.”
Trelawney Dampney, Eco’s Managing Director, said: “We like to be good neighbours and help out wherever possible.

“The new swings look very impressive and should provide many hours of harmless fun.”
Eco annually processes 150,000 tonnes of material at Parley, the UK’s leading purpose-built site for organics recycling and renewable energy. End products include turf, enriched topsoil, compost and woodchip.

Eco was founded in 1993 and now employs 46 people with an annual turnover of £11 million.

The company currently handles 250,000 tonnes of organic material each year across four facilities

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