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4 Tips for Looking After Your Lawn in the Winter

It’s time to prepare your lawn for the chilly winter months!

The drop in temperature, morning frosts and (occasionally) snow during the November to February period can be detrimental to your lawn.

Here are a few tips on how you can prevent your lawn from becoming damaged by the colder winter months.

Give It A Rest

It isn’t particularly desirable to spend much of your time in the garden when it’s frosty outside. This is actually beneficial to the lawn too – when it’s wet and icy your lawn will not repair itself until the springtime.

So, during the winter months, it may be a good idea to steer clear of your lawn until it is in a position to grow back.

Make Your Leaves… Leave!

Using a rake or a brush, make sure your lawn is clear of leaves and debris. This is to make sure that the grass is not being smothered by rotting organic materials which will kill your grass.

Steer clear of heavier machinery as the weight will add pressure to the lawn, causing patchiness.

Let It Breathe

Aeration is vital for your lawn in the winter. You’ll need to aerate the more solid parts of your lawn using a fork or a spiking machine.

Your lawn will become healthier due to the amount of air reaching the roots. Other benefits include relief from compaction and improved drainage.

Wipe Out The Worm-Casts

Worm casts may occur on the surface of your lawn. These are small clusters of muddy soil that have come from earthworms. These are best left to dry out and then sweep away with a brush.

Worms, however, are great for the structure of soil and improve the nutrients within your lawn. So, when disposing of worm casts, be careful not to disturb those helpful little worms.

Eco are a Rolawn approved stockist, supplying the finest in garden turf. Our turf has a good, strong root system and copes much better than most in the winter months.

Check out our Lawncare Range

We’ve got a range of products that will help you produce the lushest of lawns. Whether that is starting from scratch or giving it a new lease of life, Eco Turf & Lawn Seeding Soil, Rolawn Medallion TurfEco Lawn Top Dressing are sure to help.

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