Coarse Eco Mix - Dumpy Bag


Exactly the same as our Eco Mix but screened to a coarser particle size, this material is a 20mm version of our popular compost product.

The material is of a high quality and complies with the PAS100 certification.

The compost is ideal for improving soil structure and mulching beds and borders.

This product is provided in a large Eco dumpy bag.

Price £28.50 (Ex VAT) Per Dumpy Bag (on average 1m³) Quantity


Easy to use and maintain, this product is known to improve water retention and drainage capability.

Recommended by those looking to improve soil fertility for regularly planting trees and shrubs.

A peat-free soil improver, the Coarse Eco Mix is renowned for breaking up heavy soils, adding organic matter and slowly releasing nutrients in a suitable and environmentally friendly manner.


    Typical Properties:

    • Input Materials: Biodegradable green plant & tissue matter
    • Particle Size Distribution: >100% passing a 12.0mm screen >90% passing a 4.0mm screen >50% passing a 1.0mm screen
    • Bulk Density: 500 – 600 g/litre
    • Moisture Content: 35% m/m
    • Dry Matter: 65% m/m
    • Organic Matter: (as loss recognition) 25% of the dry matter
    • PH: 8.9
    • Carbon: Nitrogen Ratio: 6:1
    • Electrical Conductivity: 400µS/cm
    • Purity: Substantially free of physical contaminants, viable weed seeds and pathogens.
    • Potentially Toxic Elements: Within acceptable limits (“Heavy Metals”)
    • Certification: PAS100 & the Compost Quality Protocol, in which this quality compost was produced in compliance with the Compliance Quality Protocol

    BSI PAS 100 (The Publicly Available Specification 100) for composted materials was sponsored by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) and developed in conjunction with the AFOR (Association for Organics Recycling)

    Our Eco Mix complies with this standard and a test certificate is available upon request. 


    Our Coarse Eco Mix Compost is not designed for use as a growing medium, a medium for planting acid-loving species or as a top dressing for turf.

    Our Coarse Eco Mix and Contract Mulch can be blended together (50:50) to create a bespoke blend called 'Agri Mix.'

    The information within the specification for both products, is also applicable to this bespoke blend.

    Safe storage, handling, application & use of quality compost

    Information on good practice for use as compost as set out in Appendix F of the Compost Quality Protocol has been highlighted.



    Delivery Information

    This product comes delivered in a large dumpy bag as shown in the picture. A dumpy bag contains approximately 1 cubic metre or 1 tonne of material.

    It is the same product as the loose version except it is delivered in bags. The cost of the bag is included in the product price. Delivery will be added in the checkout.

    There is a maximum order quantity of 4 dumpy bags through our website. If you require more than this, either select the loose product, or contact our sales team for advice on the most cost effective delivery solution.

    Alternatively, find out more about our delivery options.

    User Benefits

    • Peat-free soil improver ideal for breaking up heavy soils and adding organic matter to sandy soils
    • Improves moisture retention and soil structure
    • Nutrient-rich and an excellent source of organic matter helping plants establish quickly
    • Easy to use and maintain

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