20mm Primary Shingle

20mm Primary Shingle

Shingle is produced from washing ballast and is used for decorative purposes such as flower bedding, pathways and driveways.

Additionally, shingle can also be used for practical purposes such as pipe bedding and drainage. 

Shingle is regarded as a highly attractive stone due to its rounded shape. As a result, the product is very popular for decorative purposes.

The product contains various angular and rounded stones.

Price £30.40 (Ex VAT) Per Ton (Loose) Quantity


20mm Shingle is also cost effective driveway gravel and is a popular option for pathways and decorative stone areas.

Additionally, the shingle can also be used for constructive application as 20mm Primary Shingle is perfect for pipe-laying, soak-ways and is a component in 20mm Ballast.

If you are using shingle for gardening and pathway purposes and have cats/dogs, the 20mm shingle is also suited to you!


Typical Properties:

Size: 20mm screened, washed shingle

Shape: Quarried - angular shingle

Colour: Various, natural stones

User Benefits

  • 20mm Shingle
  • Decorative aesthetic will brighten up your garden, borders and pathways
  • Perfect size if you have pets
  • Multi-purpose product is suitable for drainage, soak-ways and pipe laying

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