10mm Super Soil - Cubic Metre Dumpy Bag


Our Super Soil is a 70:30 blend of our quality, screened British Standard topsoil and Eco Mix soil improving compost.

Our Super Soil is a 70:30 blend of our quality, screened British Standard topsoil and Eco Mix soil improving compost. The material is a superb enriched topsoil and works for all types of landscaping, including laying turf.

This product is provided in a large Eco dumpy bag.

All products in Eco Dumpy Bags measure to a full cubic metre.

We are doing our best to get deliveries out on a regular basis but please bear with us with confirmation of delivery dates.

Loose loads are available with limited availability, please call us on 01202 593601 to enquire. 

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Price £79.95 Per Dumpy Bag (1 Tonne) incl. VAT & Delivery Quantity


Our Super Soil is a 70:30 blend of our quality, screened British Standard topsoil and Eco Mix soil improving compost.

Easy to use and maintain, this product contains mature, peat free compost and is screened to a 10mm particle size.

The soil is tested in accordance to a BS:3882: 2015 standard and our Eco Mix is also accredited with a PAS100 standard certificate, ensuring that we pass on the best possible quality to our customers.

The product consists of topsoil enriched with matured peat-free compost made from composted botanical residues. Graded particles are no larger than 4mm with a substantial amount of organic fines; pH is around 7-8.5. The product is free of viable weed seeds and pathogens and has not been treated with any additives.

A copy of our test analysis is available upon request.


Typical Properties

  • Input materials: Recycled Inert Soil & PAS100 Compost
  • Particle Size Distribution: >90% passing a 4.0mm screen >75% passing a 2.0mm screen >50% passing a 1.0mm screen
  • Bulk Density: 950 – 1050 g/litre
  • Moisture Content: 20% m/m
  • Dry Matter: 80% m/m
  • Organic Matter: (as loss recognition) 3 – 20% of the dry matter
  • PH: 7 – 8.5
  • Electrical Conductivity: 270µS/cm
  • Purity: Substantially free of physical contaminants, viable weed seeds and pathogens.
  • Potentially Toxic Elements: Within acceptable limits (“Heavy Metals”)
  • Certification: PAS100 & the Compost Quality Protocol, in which this quality compost was produced in compliance with the Compliance Quality Protocol


Our 10mm Super Soil is not designed for use as a top dressing or as a surface layer for playing fields.

Safe storage, handling, application & use of quality compost 

Information on good practice for use as compost as set out in Appendix F of the Compost Quality Protocol has been highlighted

Product samples are available upon request.

Delivery Information

Only curb side delivery can be guaranteed. We will do our best to deliver as close to the property as access allows. It is not possible to move pallets over loose surfaces such as gravel or on grass so please check before ordering. We are not able to carry materials up inclines, paths or to rear gardens. Access to sites must be on hard roads over which a vehicle can pass without sustaining or causing damage of any kind.

This product comes delivered in a large dumpy bag as shown in the picture. A dumpy bag contains approximately 1 cubic metre or 1 tonne of material.

It is the same product as the loose version except it is delivered in bags.

Prices shown are inclusive of VAT and Delivery.

There is a maximum order quantity of 4 dumpy bags through our website. If you require more than this, either select the loose product, or contact our sales team for advice on the most cost effective delivery solution.

Alternatively, find out more about our delivery options.

User Benefits

  • Improves moisture retention
  • Nutrient-rich and an excellent source of organic matter, which helps plants to establish themselves quickly
  • Friable & Easy to work with

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