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Eco Sustainable solutions produce a number a biomass fuels for use in an array of biomass boilers.

Whether the fuel is destined for a large-scale heat and power station, or a smaller facility at a commercial site; quality, continuity & sustainability are essential factors to the supply of the biomass.

Eco is one of the largest wood recyclers in Southern England. On average we come into contact with 70,000 tons of wood waste every year. This material stems from both commercial and municipal sources.

At Eco, we produce 3 main fuel types by recycling wood and green waste. Thanks to our long term supply contract with Dorset County Council, we are a trusted and reliable manufacturer and supplier of sustainable biomass fuel.

As with all our products, our biomass fuels are produced to the highest possible standards and meet European Standards enabling customers to the RHI, where applicable.


Our Process

Our waste wood is converted into a biomass fuel which is suitable for use in combined heat and power plants.

Rather than send this material to a landfill, we recycle this important resource in to several different grades of fuel that can be used in biomass facilities, helping to displace fossil fuels.

Currently all of the biomass facilities we supply are in Sweden. Exporting the waste overseas has been a fantastic way to reduce our carbon footprint, as recovery of waste is a better solution than landfill but it is not ideal.

Thankfully the UK biomass market is evolving and by 2018 most the material we export will be used in UK based power stations. This will significantly reduce the delivering distance & most importantly, our carbon foot print.

From Spring 2017, we will also be recycling our green waste biomass on site, in our new Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Plant. 

End Results

Green Biomass Fuel

This is a fuel produced from separated green waste, where large wood pieces are removed before going through the composting process.

This fuel offers a cost effective alternative to tree surgery residues as well as being readily available for delivery anywhere in the UK.

2017 marks the launch of our Combined Heat & Power plant which will be processing the green biomass fuel here at Parley.


A - C Grade (Mixed) Waste Wood biomass fuel produced from waste wood

This material is suitable for use in WID compliant boilers and yields a high energy value.

In 2014, we exported 95,000 tons of this fuel into Europe for use in large combined heat & power plants that supply the local town with both hot water & electricity.

By 2018, the wood waste generated in the UK, will be processed in UK based power stations.


Additional Info

  • Parley's new CHP Plant will be capable of burning about 10,000 tonnes of oversize material from Eco’s compost operation annually.
  • Power generated from the biomass plant will be used for Eco’s Parley site with any excess fed into the national grid.


Facts & Data

Trelawney Dampney, Eco’s Managing Director, said:

“Renewable energy is the way forward in terms of both meeting our climate change commitments and providing much needed clean and green fuel.

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