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We combine soils from locations that we trust and blend them with compost to create high quality soil.

Here at Eco, we operate a standalone soil recycling operation, which accepts soils from a wide range of construction jobs.

Compost is added to the material before it is screened & graded into high quality British Standard soil.

Our Process

Our soil process is a carefully calculated operation which has to comply with a series of guidelines. 

We've described our process in the next few steps:

1. The Eco staff obtain information on the source of waste including WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria) The results are assessed to be sure that the material is appropriate and suitable for recycling. Particular care is taken when assing potential variability and contamination.


2. The acceptance criteria is then applied to the material. Any rejected loads are not accepted on site.


3. The material is then weighed in over our weighbridge system where it is categorised and drivers are directed to the soil yard.


4. The material is then allocated to the appropriate stock pile for later processing.


5. The Operations team carry out visual inspections for compliance and acceptance ready for processing.


6. During the processing, the soil is blended with British standard compost to a ratio of 1:4. The soil is then screened into various departments.


7. Aggregate fraction is taken and washed on site. This is used for further construction and development on site or could be sold as recycled aggregate material.

End Results

When the blending process has finished, we are left with two processed soil products:

  • 10mm Super Soil - screened to just 1cm, this is a popular top soil for turf and planting requirements.
  • 20mm Enriched - slightly coarser, this soil is screened to 2cms and is another popular choice for landscaping.

We also produce a Premium Rootzone Soil. This material is a virgin, as dug soil which is not blended with compost. This soil is naturally sandy and is an ideal medium for sports pitch construction and golf course tees and greens. 

Bespoke blends can also be produced to match specific client specification - please contact the office for more information on this.

All soil is monitored for quality and compliance - monthly testing is carried out to ensure compliance with a British Standard Certificate.

Additional Info

All soil material that we accept comes from known sites, which have been suitably tested to guarantee that they are free of contamination.

We also visually check the material to ensure it is of a sandy, loamy texture suitable for recycling to the British Standard.

Only material from large projects and of a sandy nature is accepted. This enables us to make a high-quality product, consistently.

No clay is taken in, which further allows for a high grade.

The only by-product from the screening of soil is a dirty aggregate which is washed and resold as drainage material. This ensures minimal wastage from the process and allows everything to be fully recycled.


Facts & Data

  • Our soil improves moisture retention
  • Nutrient-rich and an excellent source of organic matter, which helps plants to establish themselves quickly
  • Easy to work with

Memberships & Accreditations

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