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Gardening Blog

The Benefits of Green Compost

Green compost is a valuable source of organic matter which helps to improve soil structure, increase...
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Soil Health & How We Can Improve

The UN warned us two years ago that the world’s soils face severe exhaustion and depletion, suggesti...
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Gardening Jobs For Spring

Now is the time to begin your gardening jobs, while they are still manageable, and before your green...
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How To Refresh Mulch

Applying mulch, like bark chippings or partially composted plant matter, to your garden beds and bor...
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Ground Preparation for Mulch

No matter your situation, read this article to learn what ground preparation is necessary before spr...
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What is Mulch?

There is often confusion around the term mulch, and what it actually this article to fi...
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4 Tips for Looking After Your Lawn in the Winter

When the summer has come to an end, it’s time to start preparing your lawn for the chilly winter mon...
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How Playground Wood Chip Can Reduce Business Insurance Costs

Insurance costs can be a constant and considerable expense for businesses, and it’s natural to want ...
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The 6 Things That Make Amazing Children’s Play Areas

If you are a business owner or a site manager, you will know how important it is to have a really gr...
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3 Alternate Uses for PlayChip

Playground wood chip is a perfect material for activity flooring. It’s soft, safe, inexpensive and e...
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