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Mulch & Bark

Aggregate delivered in XL 750L Eco Bulk Bags. Chosen day nationwide delivery available.

Protect your beds & borders, sustainably.

Our range of eco mulch and bark are natural products, helping return nutrients back into your beds. They help protect your beds and borders by preventing weeds from growing while retaining moisture in the soil. They also add a beautiful, professional finish to your garden, making them the perfect choice for any gardening enthusiast.

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Eco Woodland Garden Mulch

A bark-based mulch recycled from local trees, perfect for deterring slugs and snails.

£126.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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Eco Soil Improving Mulch

Give beds, borders and shrubs extra insulation and drainage during the colder months with our Eco Soil Improving Mulch.

£121.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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Eco Amenity Bark Mulch

Bark-based mulch perfect for plant protection and weed suppression

£136.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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Eco Garden & Play Bark Chips

Garden & Play Bark Chips, perfect for playground surfaces, beds and borders.

£196.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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Eco Playground Bark Chippings

Chip-based surface, recycled from local Dorset trees and made specifically for playgrounds

£161.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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Eco Chicken Run & Coop Wood Chips

Premium Blend of Hardwood and Softwood for Happy Hens

£161.95 per XL bulk bag (approx.750L)

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How we maintain & deliver quality

Sustainably and locally sourced with the globe in mind

Organic mulch feeds nutrients back into the soil

Trade Customer? Call the team on 01202 593601

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