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Compost & Soil Improvers

Delivered in large Eco Bulk Bags. Price includes nationwide delivery.

Composts are the best way to make your garden bloom

Our range of soil improving products are a fantastic way to make your garden bloom. Whether that is to give your beds a new burst of life or to dress your lawn, we'll have the ideal product for what you need,

Composting is our heartland. We've been recycling organic garden material for nearly 30 years and over the years we've worked tirelessly to develop the process. Our composts are expertly produced by recycling Dorset's organic materials meaning all of ourcomposts are local and sustainable.

Using green compost is the perfect way to move away from fossil-fuel derived artifcial fertilisers. Fight climate change and do your bit by returning nutrients to the soil with compost.

How we maintain & deliver quality

Daily quality checks and throughout the entire maturation process

Sustainably and locally sourced with the globe in mind

30 years of green compost experience

Trade Customer? Call the team on 01202 593601

Eco Mix Coarse soil improver

Peat-free coarse soil improver, perfect for feeding shrubs and borders over colder months

£84.95 per bulk bag

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Eco Mix Pro compost

Peat-free compost ideal for improving lawns, sports grounds, golf tees and fairways

£99.95 per bulk bag

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Eco Mix soil improver

Peat-free soil improver perfect for raised beds, borders, trees and shrubs

£89.95 per bulk bag

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Eco MultiPurpose compost

Reduced-peat compost, the perfect growing media for rooting, planters and hanging baskets

£154.95 per bulk bag

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Eco Tree & Shrub compost

Peat-free soil improver, perfect for giving acid-loving trees and shrubs a boost

£99.95 per bulk bag

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