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Aggregate is crucial to hard and soft landscaping.

Aggregates can be used for a range of things, whether that be as a base for pathways, to help with drainage or to help suppress weeds.

We currently only stock a Type 1 aggregate, which is a fantastic product, sourced from a Somerset quarry and will provide the perfect sub-base for your drive, pathway or patio.

How we maintain & deliver quality

Chosen day, nationwide delivery.

Trade Customer? Call the team on 01202 593601

Eco Type 1 aggregate

Limestone aggregate perfect for projects requiring a strong sub-base

£84.95 per bulk bag

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Aggregate questions

Q. How can I improve my vegetable plot?

A. For allotments & vegetable plots, apply 6-7 cm of Eco Mix and mix into the top 15cm of soil. For ‘no-dig’ systems use Eco Amenity Bark Mulch or Eco Mix Coarse to conserve moisture and prevent weed growth.

Q. How can I prevent weeds, slugs & other pests?

A. To prevent weed growth, deter slugs and encourage natural predators, apply 6-7cm of Eco Amenity Bark or Eco Woodland Mulch to your beds and problem areas.

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